onsdag 24 november 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m Tomas Nilsson, I work for the Oracle Java Platform Group as outbound product manager.

As my name indicates I’m Swedish. Born and raised in the far north but nowadays living in Stockholm.

On my very first public presentation at Oracle I introduced myself as “Product Manager, JRockit products” and was just about to go on with my prepared presentation when a helpful colleague interrupted me and asked “Yes, but what do you do?”. I’m still trying to find a good answer to that.

On one side, we work internally as owners of the requirements and represent the customer/user in discussions with our dev teams. On the flip side of that we represent the product when speaking to the customer. In between those two, its our jobs to ensure that the field teams have all the information that they need to speak to the customers. With a list of products the size of Oracles we also need to make sure that they care about our product. In a way you can say that we sell to sales.

The “Outbound” part of “Outbound product manager” means that my focus is more on customer facing activities. Conferences, presentations… And with the Sun acquisition (I still think of it as a merger since for my team it’s a more fitting term. That and the fact that “merger” is easier to spell) some part of community outreach.

Why am I writing this blog? Well. I read a lot of Java related blogs, tweets and articles, and I feel that I can contribute to the available information. I hope to give some insight into what Oracle is doing for Java and what the thinking behind it is. Since no one will read this post until I have posted something interesting on Java/Oracle I can leave this here. You will have figured out what my topics are by then.


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